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customers eating ice creamThe proof is in our products, and to learn more about them, here’s what our customers, food critics and travel guides say about why Mitchells Ice Cream has become a San Francisco landmark!

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Mitchell’s Ice Cream Featured As One Of The Best On in 2016
Mitchell’s Named SF District 8 2016 Business Of The Year
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Mitchell’s Pumpkin Ice Cream Is Tops

Mitchell’s Ice Cream Featured As One Of The Best On
Mitchells-03“Every Day is Ice Cream Day” featured Mitchell’s Ice Cream in it’s summary of the best ice cream in the nation. Mitchell’s was listed in the Team West Side section.

Mitchell’s Named SF District 8 Business Of The Year
Mitchells-Supervisor-WienerSMThe San Francisco Small Business Commission, the Mayor and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors honor and recognize an exceptional small business from each of San Francisco’s 11 districts each year. Linda Mitchell and Brian Mitchell happily accepted the award on behalf of Mitchell’s Ice Cream in 2016 from District 8 Supervisor Scott Wiener.

“21 Top Spots” Ranks Mitchell’s Ice Cream As One Of The Top Shops in San Francisco
“21TopSpots” uses Facebook statistics, Google ranks, reviews and some magic to rank the best spots for over 100 cities in the world. For San Francisco Mitchell’s Ice Cream ranks as one of the top shops in San Francisco on the list of 21 top shops—THANKS to our many customers and fans!

Zagat Gives High Praise to Mitchell’s Ice Cream
“What an ice cream parlor should be” is how fans describe this “old-school”, family-run Mission “institution” cranking out an “absolutely fabulous” array of “super-rich” and “innovative” “seasonal flavors” (think purple yam or avocado) right “on the premises”, and offering them by the scoop and in sundaes and shakes; yes, it’s relatively “expensive” and “always busy regardless of the weather”, but the “line moves quickly” and the “friendly” crew “provides tastes”, while prepacked half gallons keep “locals buying by the tub.”

Zagat reviews are compiled from individual user reviews. Write a review

Bay Area A-List – Voters Name Mitchell’s Ice Cream Best
Voters named Mitchell’s Ice Cream the Best Ice Cream Shop in the Bay Area area for 2015. To determine the winner, voters had more than 30 nominees to choose from. Congratulations to Mitchell’s Ice Cream! Read all about it!.

Mitchell’s Mango Ice Cream featured in “Scoop Adventures”
Mitchell’s recipe for Mango ice cream is featured in Lesley Clendaniel’s “Scoop Adventures: The Best Ice Cream of the 50 States”. Check it out on page 114, or stop by to sample it for yourself!

Zagat’s Top 10 Bay Area Ice Cream Shops
Zagat Lists Top 10 Ice Cream Shops In The Bay Area (July 2014)

Mitchell’s ranks number 3, and Zagat says:
“Since 1953, Mitchell’s has been drawing the crowds to the Outer Mission for its classic, housemade ice cream — and its still one of our great food lover’s treasures.”
See Zagat’s “Must Order” and “Go Crazy” flavor listings.

Named One Of The Best Ice Cream Shops In The World
The Best Ice Cream Shops In The World, Chosen By Readers of Conde Nast “Traveler” (July 2014)

In honor of National Ice Cream Month in July, the magazine asked its Twitter followers for their favorite ice cream shops around the world. Mitchell’s was one of 14 “bests” featured on the “Traveler” site.

One of Mitchell’s fans wrote: “Mitchell’s: Mission District SF. Love that any homemade flavor can B dipped. Worth the wait: a foodie pleasure.” – @goodnewsmuse

Thanks @goodnewsmuse. Stop by for a “dip”.

30 Things To Love About San Francisco

SF Chronicle Columnist Grateful For Mitchell’s
(October 27, 2013)
San Francisco Chronicle columnist, Leah Garchik, listed 5 things she’d rather not have seen, but followed up quickly with 5 things “I am grateful that mine eyes have seen.”

In that listing, she writes: “The counter at Mitchell’s ice cream on a hot afternoon.”

Mitchell’s Rocks
From SFGate’s “Scoop On Bay Area’s Best”
“Not only did this San Francisco stalwart have the best chocolate of the bunch, it also had the highest average score of all the ice cream shops we compared.”

We tasted their chocolate; their best-selling Halo Halo, a tropical blend including purple yam, jackfruit and pineapple; and their Macapuno, or sweetened coconut. And we fawned over them all.

“Great texture,” “love how creamy it is!” our staffers exclaimed. Of the two fruit flavors: “Takes me back to the islands.”

So what’s Mitchell’s secret?

Manager Linda Mitchell believes it’s the quality of ingredients. Mitchell’s has stuck with many of its suppliers for more than 60 years, and it puts cream at the top of the list.

Mitchell’s uses ice cream mix that’s 16 percent butterfat—the highest of any shop we spoke with. Most of the new-guard shops, use the ice cream mix from Marin County’s Straus Family Creamery, which is 14 percent butterfat. Another that makes its own mix, is also at 14 percent.

The difference? More fat makes for a creamier texture, but also hardens the ice cream because butter freezes into a solid. So a delicate balance needs to be struck with sugar (or alcohol), which acts as a softener because it doesn’t freeze.

Mitchell Flavors Reinvent Ice Cream for San Francisco
From SF Gate’s “Scoops of San Francisco”
“This San Francisco institution, created by brothers Larry and Jack Mitchell, has been located in the same spot since 1953, and the frozen treats are still made in the back. Its offerings have evolved, along with the city’s ethnic base, to include more exotic fruit flavors, such as the Filipino ube (purple yam) and langka (jackfruit) and the maple-like Peruvian lucuma. The store is popular with neighborhood children, parents in tow. The best seller is mango ice cream, while a popular new flavor is Claire’s Pie (named for Larry’s wife, Claire,) made of coffee fudge ice cream, almonds, chocolate chips and graham crackers. Minimal seating is available.”

Explore San Francisco With Kids

“Be sure to elbow your way inside this small store if you arrive after dinner or in the afternoon!”

“Beyond the ice cream’s incredible creaminess, Mitchells is best loved for its lengthy menu featuring seasonal fresh fruit and such unusual ice cream flavors as maiz/queso (corn/cheese) and lychee fruit…..even plain old vanilla is delicious!”

Mitchell’s Knows Chocolate
From SFGate’s “Scoop On Bay Area’s Best”
“Although chocolate is a seemingly simple, straightforward flavor, there’s quite a bit of variation in how Bay Area ice cream shops actually make their chocolate ice creams, thanks to the tricky chemistry of freezing chocolate. Mitchell’s, our top scoring chocolate, uses the traditional method, adding cocoa powder to a regular ice cream base.”

Best Ice Cream In San Francisco
“Want to escape to the islands for a few minutes? Head on to Mitchell’s Ice Cream where they have been scooping for over 50 years. Tropical flavors are their specialty: mango, baby coconut, and our favorite, ube—a purple yam found in the Philippines. A little nostalgic? Try Grasshopper Pie or Strawberries ‘N Cream on for size.”

Mitchell’s Pumpkin Ice Cream Is Tops
From SFGate Rankings
“Let’s face it—ice cream never goes out of season. Even in the midst of winter chills, we treat ourselves to scoop after scoop—especially during the holidays, when seasonal ice creams join the fray. Flavors like pumpkin and peppermint, available now through the New Year at most markets, add a festive flair to ice cream’s already popular ranks.

So for this week’s Taster’s Choice, we tackled pumpkin ice cream. Of the six varieties we dug into, a familiar local brand had the top scoop.

Mitchell’s ($11.99 for 1/2 gallon at Mollie Stone’s) won our panel over with its “lightly spiced” “pure pumpkin flavor”—a surprise given its dark color. “Looks like coffee ice cream,” one taster described, “but tastes very much like pumpkin.” Add in “good creaminess” and a “light and airy” texture, and all five panelists would buy this brand.”