Standard Flavors

Please call us at (415) 648-2300 for our current availability of flavors.
We’ve been making our super-premium, hand-crafted ice cream in our shop in San Francisco since 1953. It is rich and creamy, and all of our flavors are made with a 16% butterfat base. Our cream comes from hormone-free cows that graze in open pastures. Choose from 40 flavors daily. Most of our flavors are gluten free and do not contain eggs, but please call us at (415) 648-2300 to ask about specific flavors if you have a gluten or egg allergy.

Avocado fruit imported from the Philippines
Fresh, ripe bananas
Black Walnut
Loaded with California black walnuts
Young coconut imported from the Philippines
Café Serré (Spring)
Vietnamese Coffee with dark chocolate chips
Cantaloupe (Summer)
Freshly peeled and sliced cantaloupe
Caramel Praline
Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla blend with caramel swirls and pralines (candy coated pecans)
Guittard chocolate produced from cocoa beans grown in the Ivory Coast and Ghana
Chocolate Caramel Crackle
Guittard chocolate with caramel swirls and crispy chocolate candy pieces
Chocolate Chip
Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla blend with chocolate chips
Chocolate Raspberry (Spring)
Guittard chocolate with raspberry swirls
Cinnamon Snap (Fall/Winter)
Cinnamon ice cream with ginger snap cookies
Coconut Pineapple
Macaroon coconut and pineapple fruit imported from the Philippines
Produced with Colombian coffee beans
Dulce de Leche
Caramel ice cream with caramel swirls
Eggnog (Fall/Winter)
Egg yolks and spices
Espresso Toffee Crunch (Summer)
Espresso ice cream with toffee candy and espresso chips
Ginger Spice (Winter)
Ginger ice cream with candied ginger pieces
Grasshopper Pie
Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream with Oreo Cookies and fudge swirls
Green Tea
Matcha green tea powder
Halo Halo
Based on a traditional Filipino dessert, Halo Halo includes buko, langka, ube, pineapple, mongo beans, sweet beans and kaong (palm fruit)
Rice milk flavored ice cream with a swirl of cinnamon honey
Irish Coffee (Spring)
Bailey’s Irish Cream, Colombian coffee and green marshmallow swirls
Kahlua Mocha Cream
Kahlua Liqueur, coffee and cocoa
Also known as “Jackfruit” – imported from the Philippines
A subtropical fruit grown in various regions of South America. We import the fruit from Peru
Tropical and subtropical fruit native to China and Southeast Asia
Sweet, meaty coconut imported from the Philippines
We’ve been importing the world’s finest mangoes from the Philippines since 1964
Mexican Chocolate
Guittard chocolate blended with cinnamon
Mocha Fudge
Colombian coffee with fudge swirls
New York Cherry
Cherry ice cream with Maraschino cherries
Oreo Cookie
Madagascar bourbon vanilla blend with Oreo cookies
Peach (Summer)
Peaches from Clovis, California
Peanut Butter Indulgence
Guittard chocolate with peanut butter swirls and chocolate covered peanut butter cups
Peppermint Candy (Winter)
Peppermint ice cream with peppermint candy pieces
Pistachio ice cream with California pistachios
Pumpkin (Fall/Winter)
Pumpkin, brown sugar and spices
Rocky Road
Guittard chocolate with marshmallows and California English walnuts
Rum Raisin
Meyer’s Rum and raisins
Spumoni (Winter)
Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla blend and chocolate ice cream (see Chocolate, above) with natural rum flavoring, roasted California almonds, raisins, cherries and other dried fruit
Delicious Pacific Northwest strawberries
Strawberries N’ Cream
Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla blend with Pacific Northwest strawberries
Thai Tea
Thai Tea infused ice cream
Thin Mint
Peppermint ice cream with chocolate chips
Toasted Almond
Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla blend loaded with roasted California almonds
Tropical 4
A delectable combination of mango, guava, banana and pineapple fruit
Purple yam imported from the Philippines
Purple yam blended with sweet, meaty coconut, both imported from the Philippines
Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla blended with Indonesian Vanilla
Vanilla Bean
Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla blended with Indonesian Vanilla and ground vanilla beans